Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swire Group

Swire Group (SEHK: 0019,SEHK: 0087,OTCBB: SWRAY) is a transnational corporation headquartered in London, England. It controls a range of wholly owned businesses, including deep-sea shipping, cold storage, road transport, and agricultural activities. The current chairman is James Hughes-Hallett. Taikoo (太古) is the Chinese name of Swire. It serves as the brand name for businesses such as Taikoo Cube Sugar and Taikoo Shing.
Swire Group's core businesses in Hong Kong are held by the publicly quoted Swire Pacific Limited. The Group's core businesses are grouped into: property, aviation, beverages, marine services, and trading and industrial. Swire Pacific Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Swire Pacific Limited SEHK: 0019 (A-shares) SEHK: 0087 (B-shares). Swire Pacific is the largest shareholder of Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's largest airline.
Swire Properties, incorporated in 1972, develops and manages commercial, retail and residential properties, with a particular focus on mixed-use development in prime locations at major mass transportation intersections. The Company’s investment portfolio in Hong Kong totals approximately 17.8 million sq ft (approximately 1.66 million sqm)* of gross floor area, with Pacific Place,Island East  and Festival Walk  as its core holdings. In addition to Hong Kong, the Company has a presence in Mainland China, the United States and the United Kingdom. In Mainland China, Swire Properties has a portfolio amounting to approximately 12.9 million sq ft (approximately 1.20 million sqm)*, the majority of which is under construction. The four projects consist of mixed-use developments in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with Sanlitun Village  and The Opposite House hotel  in Beijing being the best-known among them. In 2008, the Company formed Swire Hotels  to create and manage urban hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the United Kingdom. * Gross floor area in respect of 100% of the properties excluding car park areas and not on an attributable basis.

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